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Anime PV To Premiere Beginning of June

by on May 27, 2015

Here’s a post from Uran-sensei-sama regarding the anime and the fact that Amazon Japan took down all volumes of Mujaki no Rakuen from the website -_-##

Anime PV To Premiere Beginning of June

An update for you~~

Right now I’m pretty much drawing things left and right. Like I said in my last notice, an extra chapter is scheduled to appear in the main Young Animal magazine June 12.

Here’s a sample of the draft I’m currently inking:


Now then, to whom might those belong? To those already in the know, I hereby confer the Doctorate of Panty Bunching and all the rights, privileges, and honors thereto pertaining lol

Speaking of which, last week they recorded a PV of the new anime DVD.


I was too busy last week drawing my manga to go to it, so I was forced to listen in by phone. Ahh, I wish I was there!

As for the animation side, all I got to see were the storyboards, so I can’t wait until the PV is done!

The PV is scheduled to be uploaded on video sites and such.

YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL JULY 1 TO ORDER YOUR COPY people. Those who want it only have a month and change to do so.

Oh yeah, I took a look at Ratuten’s online shop, and what do you know the limited edition DVD-bundled 8th volume rose to the top of the Rakuten ranking! ^o^ (laugh)(laugh)(laugh). I really have to thank all of you who put in their orders! Those who are forced to put in their orders yet again, you have my deepest gratitude!!!

Huh… now that I think about it, three years ago in the craziest of odds, demand caused by lack of availability shot the rankings of my book to number one back then too. And thanks to that craziness, here I am today. I really can’t thank you all enough.

But well, these seem to be the times we live in. But wasn’t this supposed to be a niche series anyway? So let’s just sit back and have fun with it!

Based on the vagina bones and the frills on the bikini bottom, I say that’s Manatsu (cf chapters 9, 20.5).

  1. knossus permalink

    None of those poster girls, as grade schooler shouldn’t have that curve, as they still in their primary growth. My bet is Yayoi or the fujoshi-girl.

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