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Mujaki no First Class 42

by on May 18, 2015


Fresh new chapter for you guize, and hopefully you don’t need anyone to point out which lettering is ours and which was done by Uran.

Also, mfw Shouta’s so hung a girl mistakes his dick for his arm 0_0


Torrent [later]

  1. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. Sommion permalink

    I love the sister face in that moments lol

  3. Many thanks for the release!

  4. yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, Thanks for the new chapter 😀

  5. Jun permalink

    damn, all those mirrors, only virus and malware, popup, flash, crapware…

  6. BTM permalink

    Love ya bro!

  7. anon permalink

    thanks for the translation.

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