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Umareru Kachi 12

by on June 5, 2015


So… when did this manga turn into Attack on Eotens?


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  1. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. jan coeq permalink

    Oh my,Its attack on loli

  3. Anon permalink

    Top kek. Hope you have another one fast

    • ghost permalink

      Just read the raws. I knew it was gonna turn out that way but I have no idea what they were saying in the last few pages. Care to enlighten me so I can finally get over this?

    • Loli Lover permalink

      Thanks for the share of vol. 3 RAW

      It’s easily to guess what will happen at the last moment. Of course, it is laughable if it is not like that. A nice ride of story until we wait “Pedobear no Rakuen” release.

    • Hantei permalink

      Is this the end of Umareru Kachi or will he be reborn in a third (fourth) world?

      • ghost permalink

        @Hantei its the end buddy. A rather fitting end in some ways if only there were less casualties. All I want to know is what those lines were in the last few pages and if Ikumi is fine judging from the last chapter.

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