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Mujaki no Incest: Parallel 05

New chapter. Just a bit of a translation note you can only get by reading this blogpost: the statue in Atami Shouta and his sister are standing in front of depicts a scene from Konjiki Yasha, in which a dumb whore tells her fiance she’s breaking up with him to marry someone richer. The fiance then kicks that gaping cuntbag to the ground. More (accurate) info here. Once again, this is why lolis are better than grown women.


Sticky: Volumes RARs

By popular request:

Mujaki no Rakuen:

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL

Vol 4 DDL

Vol 5 DDL

Vol 6 DDL

Tokyo DTED

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL

Umareru Kachi

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Tokyo DTED – End

All things have to come to an end sometime, even if it takes four fucking years.

Anyways, I got nothing to say about this series, except I learned a valuable lesson from it: always stick with lolis.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Hakka Shoujo 08

Just a friendly reminder to all you perverts: YES lolita-baaba, NO touch. Also, Tokyo DTED batch tomorrow.


Mujaki no Valentine: Parallel 04

So apparently this is a cute little Valentine’s Day chapter where cute little Sayo discovers she has a thing for Shouta. However, the events obviously happen in the fourth grade, or before the MC gained an adult brain. So as you can see above, there are absolutely no lewd scenes, no swear words, or really none of the usual stuff that draw us pedobears to this series.

But don’t worry, as our lord and master said, the next chapter will be one of the raunchiest yet, so ready your bodies.

Also, too, as you may have known, Batoto decided to shut down due to the number of scrapers nuking their servers, so the people at Doki Fansubs went ahead and created a successor site Mangadex.

As you are well aware, the shameless virtue signalers at Potato refused to host multiple series we scanlate due to the fact that they sexualize little girls. Never mind that drawings of little girls are embodied with no rights which the white man is bound to respect.

Thankfully, because the people at Mangadex are not hypocritical puritans, all our chapters are available over there in their original form — for better or worse. Because of that, we will be uploading chapters on that site first.

Or you can just download the chapter here–you do you.


Mujaki no Shrine Maiden: Parallel 03

After a full two-volume drought, we finally get a Nako-only chapter. Have at it boys.

Actually, Nako would have been easily one of my top two girls if she wasn’t such an oblivious friendzoner type. We seriously needed more of these events that unfolded in this chapter.


Hakka Shoujo 07

An angry loli nanny is fine too—better, in fact.


Mujaki no Third Leg: Parallel 02

Tsundere Rio chapter, have at it kids.

Also, Uran-sensei said that the story idea for this chapter came from three separate people, so no winner were named in this magazine issue, but he said that Young Animal will announce the winners later and send them all signed shikishis