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Sticky: Volumes RARs and ZIPS

By popular request:

Ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai!

Vol 1 Uncensored

Vol 2 Uncensored

Vol 3 Uncensored

Kouya no Kotobuki

Vol 1 Complete

Skeeter Rabbit!!

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Mujaki no Rakuen:

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL

Vol 4 DDL

Vol 5 DDL

Vol 6 DDL

Vol 7 DDL

Vol 8 DDL

Vol 9 DDL

Vol 10 DDL

Vol 11 DDL

Vol 12 DDL

Parallel DDL

Tokyo DTED

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL

Umareru Kachi

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL

Ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai! Volume 3 Uncensored

Here it is, what all you cunnyseurs have been waiting for: the third volume with all the loli nipples uncensored.


There were also some other modifications to the chapters from the magazine versions, apart from the censorship. For one, the title of Chapter 17 has been changed, since the original title apparently conflicted with Chapter 20’s title.

In Chapter 19, a page with Hinako has been changed to depict her hot, gasping and sweating.

The biggest change, in my mind, is a couple of Kiko’s dialogue bubbles in Chapter 16, page 43. I believe those changes impact the context of their relationship enough to affect the story.

They also fixed a stupid mistake in Chapter 21 (page 146) in which the typesetter mistook the handwritten number 12 with the Japanese kana “ni” (に). Luckily, we saw Uran’s tweet about that mistake at the time and made the corrections accordingly.

Ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai! Volume 2 Uncensored

Here it is, what you pedobears have all been waiting for. Volume 2 in all it’s uncensored glory!

Once again, we’re (probably) not going to post the uncensored chapters on mangareader websites, so you all know what to do: click on the link below.


Ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai! 32

Jesus Christ, this girl has more libido than God gave a bonobo monkey.

Finally a Moeko solo chapter for you fans of healthy lolis. Have at it!


Ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai! 31

I like how this sound effect spells “DOOM” or “MOOD” depending on how you read it.

Latest chapter with Best Girl™ Nanami out now.


Ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai! 30

Hello, kids! Looks like Sae has moved on to a new career as an e-girl.

(Hank Hill’s voice) Hwhat in god’s name is an “ee-girl”?


Ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai! 29

Aand we’re blessed with another chapter of lolis in sukuuru mizugis, fellow Pedobears! And apparently enough, poor Koharu can’t swim (or she’s faking it because she wants to get a private swim lesson from Sensei). To see more of her, you know what to do


Ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai! 28

Hello, pedobears! We finally get to see Chise in her school mizugi! If you want to see more of this, you know what to do!


Also, say hello to our new typesetter stelok, please be good to him.

OreLoli Banned On Batoto

As you can see, the struggle against moral retards continues. Just when you think a site that had been taken over by new people would be chill, they pull THIS shit.

Welp, at least the site served its temporary purpose as an alternative to Mangadex. Now that the latter is (barely) online, we don’t need Potato 2.0 anymore.

Fuck those people.

Ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai! 27

We’re back with a chapter literally fresh out the oven.


First some sad news. After seven years, BLT has decided to retire from scanlating due to Real Life Issues ™. As such, we are looking for a replacement typesetter before things slow down too much.

We welcome all applicants, we’re not too picky, just have a reasonable turnaround time and, if you are a beginner, demonstrate the ability to learn and grow on the job. You can apply at mankitsuscans [at] gmail [dot] com.

Ore wa Lolicon Ja Nai! 26

Looks like our favorite raven-haired meganekko is in trouble. Will Shouji arrive in time to save her from this sexual predator? Find out in this brand spanking-new chapter.


Also, this chapter may or may not feature a special guest star ; )