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New Pickup: Joou-sama no Eshi

Since we’re all finished with Mujaki no Rakuen, I decided it was time to pick up a new series, and decided to start from chapter 20 of this forgotten series drawn by noted loli artist Watashiya Kaworu.

Actually, this not really a pickup, but more of a continuation. I was the one who translated the previous chapters while the folks at Doranku Neko Scans edited and released the chapters. But the editor suddenly went missing, and the series went dead.

But I finally decided to unass myself and fly solo on the rest of the chapters. Since this is a one-man job, all chapters will be online only, just like with DTED. So enjoy!

Sticky: Volumes RARs

By popular request:

Mujaki no Rakuen:

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL

Vol 4 DDL

Vol 5 DDL

Vol 6 DDL

Tokyo DTED

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL

Umareru Kachi

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Mujaki no True End: Parallel 07

Whelp, looks like the main girl is just as devastated that this epic lolicon series ended the way it did as we all are.

Anyhoo, a little shoutout to all the Pedobears who helped out with this series.

F10: typesetter and cleaner Chapters 1-10

Hinokai: cleaner, chapters 11-49

imnotamused: typesetter, chapters 12, 14-23, 25

Artsinis: cleaner, chapters 50-51

And last, but certainly not least, arguably the most invaluable and hardworking team member anyone could ask for, and without whom literally nothing will get done:

BLT: typesetter, chapters 24, 26-78 main series, all of spinoff.

In any case, all we can do is watch and see what next series Uran will come up with. Hopefully it’ll be another ecchi loli series that will stick a middle finger to the Olympics.


Hakka Shoujo 09

Hello fellow perverts, this is the chapter you’ve all been waiting for—you get to see this loli nanny’s panties in all their uncensored glory, so enjoy!


Mujaki no Harem End: Parallel 06

Can’t believe this glorious shit is ending in one chapter ;_;


Mujaki no Incest: Parallel 05

New chapter. Just a bit of a translation note you can only get by reading this blogpost: the statue in Atami Shouta and his sister are standing in front of depicts a scene from Konjiki Yasha, in which a dumb whore tells her fiance she’s breaking up with him to marry someone richer. The fiance then kicks that gaping cuntbag to the ground. More (accurate) info here. Once again, this is why lolis are better than grown women.


Tokyo DTED – End

All things have to come to an end sometime, even if it takes four fucking years.

Anyways, I got nothing to say about this series, except I learned a valuable lesson from it: always stick with lolis.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Hakka Shoujo 08

Just a friendly reminder to all you perverts: YES lolita-baaba, NO touch. Also, Tokyo DTED batch tomorrow.