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Uran: Middle School Arc Was Planned Well In Advance


Our lord and master Uran-sensei wrote a blog post today dispelling rumors that he was somehow forced to timeslip Shouta into middle school or do the opposite. Spoilers for the new chapter can be found here and our version will be out by Monday.

About the middle-school chapters, I’ve had a look at your opinion on the internet, including those that espouse pessimism or speculations.

As far as I’ve seen, the reaction has been mostly positive, so I had remained in lurker mode, but here I will answer questions about the middle-school arc that I’ve received on Twitter.

This arc has already been plotted out back when I progressed the story’s timeline [in the 9th volume, from the never-ending period just before summer break]. The plans were to have our hero go see his older classmates, then have him return in a span of three chapters. The evidence pointing to that can be found in how those chapters were numbered (“Puberty in Paradise: Parts 1-3”).

In addition, since it’s my style to build up a stock of drafts submitted beforehand, the draft for “Puberty in Paradise: Part 3” was already drawn out when I received the reader survey responses for “Puberty in Paradise: Part 1.” So I did not send Shouta back to grade school after receiving bad reviews, nor was this whole arc done haphazardly on the fly (^^

The questioner apparently liked the middle-school chapters, and I’m glad I went that route. I also hope you’re all excited about the coming developments back in grade school.

The blogpost can be read in full below the jump:

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Mujaki no Delicious Loli Happy Tears 67


This time, you filthy pedos didn’t make loli Sayo cry. Find out what Shouta did to her this chapter.


Edit: Hmm, somehow this post borked on me and went completely blank. Fixed now.

Mujaki no Shotgun Marriage 66


Why is this allowed?


Mujaki no Fingerbanger 65


Ahh, Sayo… you used to be so pure even when you deep tongue-kiss Shouta and try to have his baby.

Whole new volume for you kids, have at it.


Mujaki no Pussywhipped 64


Just so you know, I’m Manatsu and Shouta is BLT, whom I shamelessly worked like a dog right after he came back from a medical emergency. Be sure to thank him for being such a good sport. Anyhoo, this marks the end of volume 10, and next volume comes out in March, so we’ll be using magazine scans from now on.


Mujaki no Groupie 70


Whoa… who knew Rio was such an adventurous little jailbait?

Anyways, new chapter for all y’all who miss your angelic little lolis like I do ;_;


Mujaki no Mindbreak 63


See what you filthy, filthy pedos did? You made loli Sayo cry.

Actually this scene reminds me so much of this Smile Precure doujin, it’s scary.

Also, alternate name for this post was going to be “Mujaki no Watersports” because of what happened to the main girl, which is actually Rio. The fact that Uran purposely added the sound effects you only get from a Ramune bottle really sells that whole sequence (。^ω^。).