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Mujaki no Groupie 70


Whoa… who knew Rio was such an adventurous little jailbait?

Anyways, new chapter for all y’all who miss your angelic little lolis like I do ;_;


Mujaki no Mindbreak 63


See what you filthy, filthy pedos did? You made loli Sayo cry.

Actually this scene reminds me so much of this Smile Precure doujin, it’s scary.

Also, alternate name for this post was going to be “Mujaki no Watersports” because of what happened to the main girl, which is actually Rio. The fact that Uran purposely added the sound effects you only get from a Ramune bottle really sells that whole sequence (。^ω^。).


Mujaki no Doggystyle 3: Shouta’s Revenge 62


Our favorite shota is getting back at Worst Girl™ fujoshi for molesting his asshole and not paying in cash. Those who want to see the uncensored scene, you know what to do (hint: go to KissManga.)


Also, I know this is pretty belated, but go below the fold…

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Mujaki no Pantysniffer 61


It’s just Nako being Nako, in her last main girl chapter of the series, perhaps.


Mujaki no Moneymaker 60


Manatsu… without twintails? What is this madness? Find out by clicking the link below.


Mujaki no Doggystyle 2: Electric Boogaloo 59


As you can see, Shouta is busy breaking in Rio here in the past so that she can be his main girl in the time skip. Only 9 more chapters to go until we’re caught up. Oh, and merry new year, or something.


Mujaki no Bathtime 58


Yes, Sayo, we all want to engage in some more naked socialization with you (・v・)

Also, end of volume 9.