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Mujaki no Shrine Maiden: Parallel 03

After a full two-volume drought, we finally get a Nako-only chapter. Have at it boys.

Actually, Nako would have been easily one of my top two girls if she wasn’t such an oblivious friendzoner type. We seriously needed more of these events that unfolded in this chapter.


Hakka Shoujo 07

An angry loli nanny is fine too—better, in fact.


Mujaki no Third Leg: Parallel 02

Tsundere Rio chapter, have at it kids.

Also, Uran-sensei said that the story idea for this chapter came from three separate people, so no winner were named in this magazine issue, but he said that Young Animal will announce the winners later and send them all signed shikishis


Hakka Shoujo 06

Okay, show’s over, kids. This sweet slice of life story has officially turned into a scandalous May-December-December-May romance, as you can see this loli cradlerobber giving Fumi-kun this highly unplatonic kiss.

And I say good: maybe the normies can find other manga to read and finally leave us pedobears alone.


Mujaki no It Should’ve Been BLT’s Story Parallel 01

Yes, the lolis have risen from the grave to grace us with their angelic presence once again.

This chapter was a hard one for BLT to do since apparently Uran didn’t choose the three Manatsu story ideas that he sent (yes, BLT sent a postcard written in Japanese). If you want to know BLT’s story ideas, you’ll have to ask him nicely in the comments.

My guess is that Uran already had an original Manatsu story all lined up since, seriously, this girl is probably the easiest to write for. She’s completely uninhibited, carefree and a total bro, so she’s perfectly willing to put out in pretty much any situation. With most of the other girls, you either have to trick them in some way or have the ecchi result from some kind of Rube Goldberg accident.


Hakka Shoujo 05

All right, kids, last chapter of the first volume. Onto the next!

Now, if I may take a break from shamelessly sexualizing a little old lady in an underaged body, the reason why I went with “Ice scream!” is to have Peppermint sound like the little girl she is. The original Japanese wrote that line entirely in hiragana, cuing the reader that she was sounding exactly like the kid, so I wished to replicate that. So… that is that.

Also, too, new Mujaki no Rakuen this week.


Hakka Shoujo 04


Anyhoo, it looks like this series will be released faster than the current twice-a-year schedule it used to be on, thanks to the new cleaner and typesetter Kusuo who was kind enough to step in and take the pressure off.