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Hakka Shoujo 03

Now imagine coming to this scene every day from work/school.

Also, a translation note for this series. Peppermint Nanny constantly calls Fumio bocchama in the original Japanese, which is usually translated to “young master.” But since I thought it would be awkward to have her call him “young master” or “bocchama” all the time, I had her calling Fumi other terms of endearments like “honey,” “dearie,” “sweetie,” etc. That way, not only will you get a script that flows better, but it also ups the creep factor of this obacon/lolicon series by orders of several magnitudes ( ̄ω ̄)


Mujaki no Rakuen 78/78


As you are probably aware, this series is nooot quite over. There will be a spinoff series starting in November which will run for about seven chapters, according to Uran-sensei. There is also a contest concerning the spinoff, and we provided the details in case you want to participate as well.

We also added Uran’s rant he included in a booklet he put out in this past summer’s Comiket: I guarantee it’s something that should be read in its entirety. Yes, ten years ago the Kodomo no Jikan anime premiered, along with Moetan. But now those types of anime will never see the light of day (unless they’re Type-Moon affiliated).

Uran also speaks of “administrative guidance” done by the police. For those of you who are confused what that means, it’s kind of like what the cops did when they paid Quzilax a house visit. Now he is no longer drawing loli rape hentai.


Mujaki no White Light 77/78

*Mujaki is ending*

*Mitsudomoe ended just when they turned up the loli fanservice*

*Quzilax is toning down his loli hentai*

*Shiruka Bakaudon no longer does hentai period*

*Henreader’s lolis are now over 18*

These are really dark times for being a lolicon, so be sure not to slit your wrists. Also, spoiler alert, Nako provides the series last loli service.


Mujaki no Goodbye Kiss 76/78

Chuuni is finally back after her long, long absence, and she’s not giving up her fiance to Actress Girl. Also, if you re-read Chapter 67 (our version, not the other one) you will notice a bit of foreshadowing for this very chapter.

Like we said before, two more chapters until this series is banned for good, so get it while it lasts. And this time, the file’s in zip format for all you happy whiners out there.



Mujaki no Rakuen to end in September

This is truly a sad day in lolidom. One of the few series in the genre being published in a general circulation magazine, currently the best in my opinion, is coming to a close in just two short months. Obviously there are a lot of plot points and issues that I doubt will be answered in that span of time (Suzune fucking where??), but the fact remains that the story will only go up to 78 chapters – likely with a rushed ending like To Love-ru Darkness.

Anyhoo, here’s the relevant passage from Uran-sensei-sama’s blog:

Also, have you seen the Young Animal Arashi that came out today? Just like it said in the end text and the author’s comment, there are only two chapters left for Mujaki no Rakuen, which is ending this September.


That was also the reason I decided to set up shop at this summer’s Comiket — because of the timing. Instead of an original doujin, I wanted to sell Mujaki no Rakuen goods to all the readers who read the series over the years


So about what I’m going to do after the series concludes…


Rest assured, I will only take a one month break, and I’m currently in discussions about a new series I will author scheduled to appear in Young Animal Arashi.


Anyways, there are only two chapters left until the series ends. Please stay tuned until the closure, I thank you all in advance.

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Mujaki no Pomf 75

If the exact same scene in one of Uran’s hentai manga, which features a Konomi who grew out her bangs (warning: Sad Panda link), is any indication, they will roll around in the sack and she will later have a miscarriage.

Anyways, read this chapter if you know what’s good for you.


EDIT: Apparently, I used the newest version of Winrar to archive this chapter, which generated a file that can’t be opened by certain programs, so I repackaged the chapter using an old version of Winrar. Seriously, you pedophiles need to upgrade your shit.

Mujaki no Shrooming 74

Yes, kids, this picture is real and I’m not trolling you: Manatsu just invited Shouta to bump uglies with her. If you want to see how this effects fucks up the love triangle, you know what to do.