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Mujaki no Shrooming 74

by on May 24, 2017

Yes, kids, this picture is real and I’m not trolling you: Manatsu just invited Shouta to bump uglies with her. If you want to see how this effects fucks up the love triangle, you know what to do.


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  1. psicomenace permalink

    Wonderful, thank you very much for this chapter.

  2. geese1 permalink

    Thanks for the new release!

  3. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  4. Danangboy permalink

    Beautiful! Thank you for your impecable work.

  5. thanks for more… mushrooms :3 ?

  6. ghostdragon permalink

    Thanks for the hard work as always. Manatsu’s finally starting to grow up lol

  7. Thank you.

  8. sommion permalink

    seriously…i hope at the end of this manga he get laid something….i hope that doesnt end in a big blue balls…

  9. nazi permalink


  10. Vergoz permalink

    i want ask something.. when the next chapter released?? i cant wait to see the next chapterXD and please make this manga with many chapter XD i dont want this manga end so fast 😦 also please make it quick per. chapter, like 1 week 1 chapter … thx i hope u reply it ASAP XD

    • psicomenace permalink

      Well they are just the scanlantion team so you need ask the author for many of those things, in japanese probaly.
      BTW the manga is monthly.

      • Vergoz permalink

        where i can ask the author?

      • psicomenace permalink

        I seem to remember that he has a blog, I think it was mentioned here in this site.

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