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Mujaki no Truck-kun 72

by on March 22, 2017

Yes, kids, this series has gotten so shockingly stale and predictable that the author not only has to resort to a time skip, now he’s killing off a major character to spice things up. It was nice knowing you, Police Girl.


  1. ano permalink

    Wait I don’t get it, did they switch the groups at the end? Thanks for the chapter

    • itainteazy permalink

      Yes, Rio officially has the hots for Shouta, but is too tsundere to let him know that yet, so she’s purposely avoiding him. Michiko doesn’t care for Shouta either way, but Yuusuke likes flipping girls’ skirts (see chapters 1, 10), so she doesn’t want to be around him. Sayo, of course, got outvoted.

  2. First!

    Anyway, thanks for the new chapter~

  3. psicomenace permalink

    Well that was fast, I was hoping to see this happening a lot of chapters later, nevertheless thank you very much for this chapter.
    BTW is this the same guy of Fuuka or every truck driver is just too dangerous over there in Japan???

  4. Turnpou permalink

    Why do they all look older in this chapter?

  5. Thank you.

  6. BlakeStone permalink

    Now we can all watch the porn parody.

    • itainteazy permalink

      Yeah watching it now. Why the fuck do they call it “Vulnerable Academy?” I don’t see any uniforms or shit. I guess they are going with “academy” in order to NOT call it an elementary school and get past the censors.

      Also, the setting is a total ripoff of MnR, even down to the class reunion and the near-death experience, lol

      • sommion permalink

        Sir, you got my attention, where i can find that?

      • itainteazy permalink

        search 無防備な学園 at your favorite JAV download site.

  7. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  8. Alex permalink

    I’m a bit confused, what happened? Were the groups switch or assigned in the end?

  9. Thanks for the release!

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