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Mujaki no Groupie 70

by on January 24, 2017


Whoa… who knew Rio was such an adventurous little jailbait?

Anyways, new chapter for all y’all who miss your angelic little lolis like I do ;_;


  1. psicomenace permalink

    WoW, well thank you very much for one chapter more.

  2. ok.. this is a new level … welcome to middle school !!! If you know what I mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Thanks again for releasing these chapters so quickly!

  4. Daanangboy permalink

    Well, damn… and thanks… and daaamn!

  5. Will we met those angels again? T-T

  6. Antônio Cássio Justino permalink

    But, but… They don’t even hold hands, and they only 13!!! URAN turned it into one of his doujinshis???

  7. Holy shit. Time jump!

  8. What happened to Chapters 53 – 69? Mangatraders has them and usually you’re the guys who are up to date.

    • ghost permalink

      they were done by a different translator but itainteazy is doing his own version of it

  9. My bad found the chapters lol. Stupid me. You’ve been releasing them out of order but I get it.

  10. oooh, teenager burning desire.

    such a memory.

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