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Mujaki no Princess 56.5

by on December 24, 2016


The strange thing is there is a josei manga called “Mujaki na Princess.” Anyhoo, Nako chapter. Unfortunately, these come very few and far between these days.


  1. onoma permalink

    Link is wrong. It points to chapter 59

  2. Download link of cap 69 .-.

  3. Wrong chapter man!

  4. psicomenace permalink

    Thank you very much.

  5. Merlin Ambrosius permalink

    D/L link returns the zip for Ch 69.

  6. itainteazy permalink

    Okay, fixed.

  7. onoma permalink

    yep, now works. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for the chapter!

    Really appreciate the speed with which you’ve been releasing this series lately. 🙂

  9. Rudeboy permalink

    itainteazy sir. Were there extra chapters for volumes 1, 5 & 7?

  10. Thank you.

  11. thanks 4 the chapter… and Shouta, you deserve that, madrefokaaa!!!

  12. Blank permalink

    Why are all of Nako’s chapters volume omakes?

    • itainteazy permalink

      Because she’s not a possible love interest.

      • Blank permalink

        The truth hurts. So the series has settled around the primary triangle of Sayo, Rio, and Konomi?

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