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Mujaki no Gold Metal in Rio 69

by on December 20, 2016


Yes, Rio’s won the Shoutabowl and we’re doing timely releases now that the other scanlator decided to drop the series. Prepare your bodies, and any shitass online manga reader that steals this release can go fuck themselves.


  1. psicomenace permalink

    Awesome, awesome, awesome, really thank you very much for this so fast translation of this chapter, I barely can wait to see what comes next (I wonder if there will be even more time jumps???).

  2. xxxx permalink

    jesus christ
    jesus christ
    btw mami kawada lover is here

  3. Thanks for the new chapter!

  4. Jolt permalink

    I’m a little confused since I just read Chapter 56, but are there no 57-58?

  5. yahooot permalink

    Hmmmmmmm, I think he jumped into a possible future where he’s with Rio, but I don’t think he will end up with her.

  6. jimmydip permalink

    Thanks but what happened to 57 to 68?

  7. Rio x Nako permalink

    Rio is the best, Rio is the best, Rio is the best.
    Nako second. 😈

  8. Alex permalink

    Thanks for picking up where Chobitsu left off. I look forward to seeing you guys continue this. You’re the reasons I got into this manga in the first place.

    Will you guys be able to keep up with the monthly release again? I know at one point you feel really far behind.

  9. Jolt permalink

    I can’t seem to find the other chapters done by Chobitsu or whomever did them.

    • Alex permalink

      He’s a mod at Manga Life. I think he got impatient when Mankitsu feel behind and decided to translate them himself.

      His quality was never at the same level as Mankitsu, but it’s still good and understandable.

      • itainteazy permalink

        Read the first three pages of chapter 64 and try telling me exactly what’s going on.

  10. Danangboy permalink

    wew thank you for this!

  11. thanks 4 the chap and waitng for MOAAA!!!!

  12. Neil permalink

    should I read the online manga reader versions that are out there to fill in the gap or will Mankitsu be doing those as well for completion?

  13. Oddly enough, I was thinking recently that Rio would be the best candidate to be Shouta’s mistress, should he find his way back to the present, and no longer be a total loser once he gets there. Because she’s obviously been falling for him. (discuss?)
    She can even supply her own hancuffs… heh heh.

    • theaquacharger permalink

      You know he’s going to end up with konomi. I just want to know what happened to sayo!

      • Rio x Nako permalink

        no no no.
        this bastard (MC) can’t be more fortunate if he end up with Konomi (famous) or Sayo (rich).

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