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Mujaki no Handmaid 56

by on December 19, 2016


Will our mild-mannered hero finally lose his virginity? Or will this be a bigger tease than Kiss x Sis To Love-Ru pretty much any harem manga catering to filthy betas. Find out in this chapter.



  1. psicomenace permalink

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter.

  2. psicomenace permalink

    Uhm, BTW, where is the chapter #56??? o.O

    • itainteazy permalink

      Sorry, wrong post title. This is supposed to be 56

      • psicomenace permalink

        Ja, ok, thanks for the clarification (although actually I realized when I read the name of the file XDDDD ).

  3. Das permalink

    I know she’s had incidents with all the girls, but I really hope he ends up with Konomi. Though to me, this is one of those rares harem mangas where it’s pretty much up in the air with who he might end up with. Usually there’s the one established main girl. I mean I guess you can look at Konomi being that, but if that were the case, he would get into way more incidents with her than the others and it seems pretty even as he goes back and forth between them.

    • psicomenace permalink

      Not according with the latest RAW (chapter #069):

      Rio has already won.

      • yahooot permalink

        Ehhhh, I think he just jumped to a possible future where he’s with Rio. I don’t think he will be with her in the end. If he is, then this is kind of abrupt.

    • Rio x Nako permalink

      as other manga says, that idol can’t have a lover.
      that’s will be a hint for this manga as well.

      Rio for life. Rio is number one priority.

  4. yahooot permalink

    Welp, it’s the first girl he’s ever came on at least.

  5. Thanks for the release!

  6. Prevert permalink

    Here are the raws for ch69

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