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Mujaki no Striptease 63.5

by on August 11, 2016


Actually finished chapter two months ago. I thought the other scanner would do this one by now, but I guess this went under his radar for some reason, so here you go, kiddoes and you godawful parasite mangareaders.

Might do the tank version for the batch. Maybe.



  1. Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. jimmydip permalink

    Thank you. Please do the tank version also, they always look better.

    • the same here… tank version, tank version!!!! because I prefer quality over quantity :3

  3. psicomenace permalink

    I was not expecting this so it’s a very nice surprise, wonderful work as always, really thanks a lot.

  4. Prevert permalink

    Ch65 has been translated over at mangasee

  5. Danangboy permalink

    Wow! Very gracias for this!!!

  6. Monk permalink

    Oh, I wish you’d have posted this sooner then! D: Thank you anyways!

    I much prefer your translations. They’re of much higher quality. I check here weekly (I know you don’t update that often). I’ve started to read at mangasee but it just isn’t anywhere near as good. 😦

    also, what chapter is that where shouta looks like he is screwing the manga chick?

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