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Hakka Shoujo 01

by on July 2, 2016


New series, kids, because why the fuck not?

I’m afraid that unlike the other loli series that we’ve done in the past, this is NOT an ecchi or dark series by any stretch of the imagination. There are only two (barbie anatomy) bath scenes and one pantsu shot as far as I’ve seen.

However, the mangaka Miura Yasuto is a loli hentai artist that is “I’m going to prison”-tier quality, much like Uran. She (yes, she’s a female) will also be featured in the new lolibaba hentai anthology Towako that was just released last month, and that story is an extra chapter to this series. So this release is done in commemoration of that event.  Anyhoo, when reading this manga, please keep all that information firmly in mind, much like you do when you’re reading Sen to Man.

Also, we’re also recruiting cleaners/redrawers for Mujaki no Rakuen and this manga. Those who wish to help out can reach me at this address: mankitsuscans [at] inbox [dot] com. Keep in mind we will be looking for those who will keep a three-week deadline for assignments.



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  1. Anon permalink

    Thanks for the translations, looking forward to seeing more.

  2. This artist has a wonderful style and I really liked the story.
    n_n -Indeed, thanks for sharing!

  3. Monk permalink

    I finally read it. I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

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