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Mujaki no Waifus 49

by on March 30, 2016


Your favorite lolis are back for some more nude socializing! Grab them while they’re hot and fresh from the oven.



  1. Aliens Of Gold permalink

    Do you guys need any help with these to speed up releases?

  2. daanangboy permalink

    Thank you for my much needed dose.

  3. Thanks for the new release!

  4. Flocky permalink

    I was starting to think this was dropped.
    Thank you for the release.

  5. Anon-kun permalink

    Nako is still the best

  6. jimmydip permalink


  7. Prevert permalink

    Glad to see you back,also it looks like theres going to be a third anime

  8. psicomenace permalink

    Great, really thanks a lot for this new chapter.

  9. juan permalink

    I hope they will be an update soon

  10. Hey thanks for the latest chapters. I have a question if you dont mind…
    They released a few volumes of Mujaki no Rakuen in full color & some of them are posted on nyaa now. Any chance for the english translations in color in the future?

    • itainteazy permalink

      Yeah, I’m working on the first chapter with what little free time I have.

  11. ghost permalink

    Has Uran made any new H works lately? Havent seen any new ones from him unless he decided to focus fully on Mujaki

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