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Umareru Kachi 14

by on July 24, 2015


So, yeah, that happened.

Second volume’s finished, kids, batch will come later. See you in the third!


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  1. is the next volume the last? Good, i’m gonna just sit here and watch the MC die painful ( i hope this is the ending 😀 )

  2. anon-kun permalink

    Well, that was less graphic than I expected

  3. Jojeke permalink

    Damn, MC sure is ruthless with his ‘sexual’ carnage.
    Guess we know why MC and especially Izuru can ‘time travel’ now.

  4. Poor loli.

  5. POI ? permalink

    DAMN !!! The last page of the chapter is a plot twist !!!

  6. Canti-sama permalink

    I love the MC so much in this, let’s hope this isn’t an expedient to turn him into the random shounen character. Thanks for the updates.

  7. ghost permalink

    For those who havent seen it yet, the raws of the last vol. was posted in the comment section of one of the earlier Umareru updates here. Those who read already know the ending…

  8. person permalink

    links are dead

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