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Came Back From The After Recording

by on July 22, 2015

Another update from Master Uran-sensei-sama:


Came Back From The After Recording

Wow, that was fun!

I think this anime is looking really good!

Wait, I don’t mean that in a, you know, relative sense. I mean that in the absolute sense of the meaning! lol

The art is really cute and it was moving about with a whole lot of energy! I swear my characters are alive and breathing! You can even see them jiggling!

The voice actors and actresses really had their characters down! I really think we’re going to have an enjoyable product on our hands.

This time around Konomi, Nako, and Manatsu will have a lot of screen time. Their lively voices really fit what I had in my head, so as the original creator there are no complaints here!



This is the after recording script. The voice performers and I exchanged autographs, and I’m pleased as punch ^^

Also, we made the cute opening song! Konomi’s voice actress Mayuka Nomura sang it! It was too cute for words.

And just to let the cat out of the bag… Lyrics: Uran  lel (I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say who did the composition at this time, so I’ll keep that a secret.)

Oh, and I also got in on some after recording! It’s my debut as a voice actor!

…Though if I say that, I’ll probably incur the wrath of those seriously aiming for that job. It was just one line as some background character. But even that one line proved to be difficult!

Second take had to be tossed because I was speaking in a monotone lololol Third take I sounded dramatic for some reason, but it got a thumbs up!

I also got to participate in a walla crowd. Even wallas are pretty difficult! And we were supposed to be in a classroom whooping it up. But if you’re not used to it you can’t keep up a conversation… Boy did Takumi-san ever give me a ribbing over that.

Of course there’s the studio.

And in the quiet studio, my stomach was growling while the voice professionals sat and waited their turns ♪

Seriously, my stomach noises left me self conscious. Gaspitan, please!

PS: Toranoana, Rakuten and other booksellers are still accepting orders for the special edition 8th volume! The publisher have already settled on the number of copies they’re going to print, but those of you who still want it are guaranteed to get it so long as you put in your order!

  1. Angelo permalink

    Thanks, this was fun. And I always enjoy seeing more of the slightly crazy Manatsu xD.

  2. Smebba permalink

    So where is the Episode 2 of the OVA that apparently aired on Aug 28th?

    • itainteazy permalink

      Sorry, we’re too slow ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

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