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Mujaki no Drinking Age 43

by on June 23, 2015


Look at Rio, isn’t she being honest? If she could forgive someone, she would have said something, right?

Anyhoo, whole new chapter for the 4 people still following this. Please drink responsibly and wait until you’re 20 before you start.


  1. BLT permalink

    20 In Japan
    21 just about everywhere else.

    • itainteazy permalink

      It’s still a bullshit law anywhere you go

    • Anon permalink

      That’s not even a little bit right, in most countries the minimum age to purchase and drink alcohol is 18, and in many European countries there isn’t even a drinking age.

    • kojika permalink

      18 is by far the most common legal age for purchasing alcohol around the world, and in much of Europe it’s 16 for beer and wine. If consumed at home with parental consent then we’re talking younger still… over 5 in the UK, for example!

  2. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  3. Anon permalink

    Hey, I’m the 5th person following this. Yeah.

  4. Sunny permalink

    Only 4 people? I’m pretty sure there are way more connoisseurs around here.

    • BLAH permalink

      Most people have already read this, as far as i’ve seen on the forums. It’s because Mankitsu Scans only do ther HQ Tank scans, which take time to be released, where as the guy who is releasing them on MangaTraders (up to chap 51.5 now) is doing them faster but in lower quality.

  5. White-Fox permalink

    Thank you for the new chapter.

  6. anon-kun permalink

    >4 people
    Pls, everybody likes little girls

  7. Sommion permalink

    we, the 4 people, thanks you lol

  8. Mike permalink

    Sweet am I the 6th?

  9. thanks a lot xD

  10. jimmydip permalink

    Thanks for another quality chapter!!! I for one will follow your releases over the other guys any day!!

  11. Many thanks for the new chapter!

  12. Jack smith permalink

    Thanx for the chapter

  13. belzebu permalink

    Thank you, I love this series

  14. Raey permalink

    Make me the 13th pls, I love the number 13 XD
    Jokes aside, Im stil following this too~ Mujaki dabes ❤

  15. karnac permalink

    14, and proud of that :3 … waiting for the “others works” of Uran-sensei-sama … You know what I mean :3

  16. bomaye6 permalink

    Thank you. ❤

  17. FREy permalink

    15th I didn’t even know other people were translating this and I don’t plan on checking them. You guys rock!!

  18. ergZay permalink

    Hey can you fix things related to downloading? First you dumped mediafire for some reason and switched to using scrambled filenames. Then you dumped torrenting. Can you please give a reasonable way of downloading releases? I love your subs but the release method is getting a bit annoying.

    • itainteazy permalink

      Mediafire works until it doesn’t, and no torrents because of internet caps. I do invite you to provide other alternatives, though.

      • ergZay permalink

        Thanks. All the sites that mirrorcreator uses strips any non alphanumeric or underscore characters from the filename, also all the sites it uses have very poor download speeds or annoying captcha or timers that you are forced to go through. Mediafire doesn’t have those issues. Also if you provide a torrent I can seed for a time after I get the file and I’m sure others would as well. The whole point of torrents is the original provider doesn’t need to keep the seeds running.

      • ergZay permalink

        Or better yet, coordinate with me for the release (hit me up on chat or something) and I can seed it as soon as I see it. What chat services do you use.

      • itainteazy permalink

      • ergZay permalink

        My computer is idling there usually. Same username. I’m not always at my computer though.

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