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Mujaki no Nee-san 41

by on April 26, 2015


‘Sup, kids. Made a move to the Big Apple, and things have neither settled down nor have I gotten a reliable internet connection yet, so things may move slow (not that it matters anymore, right?). So enjoy a new chapter in Mankitsu qaulity.


Torrent [later]

  1. Thanks for the release and for what its worth I waited for your releases.

  2. Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. Pipet permalink

    thanks for this

  4. Thanks for the hard work! Been waiting for your release.

  5. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  6. tralali permalink

    yay, finally 😀 thanks ^^

  7. Shazamo permalink

    I thought it important to mebtion that chap 41-49 have already been released here:

    Tho ur scans are superior, it seems u have competition. Just fyi, i will always come back to ur downloads, but if he releases faster, then this might be a concern

    • itainteazy permalink

      Yes, we were aware of the competition a long time ago and have even hinted at it in this post. And since we chose to do tank scans for obvious reasons, we already lost by default anyway.

  8. Laurencevanq permalink

    Thank you man, I was missing this manga. Keep up the great job.

  9. Anonymous permalink

    It’s quite rude for a no-name group to just go ahead and steal a scanlation project, then deliver subpar quality and questionable translation/editing in the first place… so, thanks for still sticking with the job.

    • itainteazy permalink

      We don’t really begrudge your odd speedscan group from doing whatever series they want (especially since we technically stole this series from ProZess).

      I personally always thought the unwritten rule of only one group per series is because of the daunting number of manga series that are out there and available to scanlate.

      In that sense, it would be incredibly retarded for a bunch of groups to over-scanlate a series, but I suppose YMMV.

      • ProZess is just an asshole translatroll. He only works whenever he likes it, and drops it whenever he wants it. That’s what I don’t like about him.

        So, I don’t think taking over Prozess’ work considered as stealing. 😛

  10. thx for the chapter and keep going! :3

  11. BTM permalink

    I’ve waited so long for this ish! Thanks man I’m surprised I waited patiently!

  12. jimmydip permalink

    Thanks!! always enjoy getting tank versions

  13. ghost permalink

    A jealous and mature looking loli Manatsu is moe!

  14. Megane permalink

    Wha! the Legendary Oppai Loli has appeared!

  15. thank you, thank you very much 😀

  16. Loli Lover permalink

    *dying from huge blood loss from adult-like loli*

  17. El Syauqi permalink

    I like U r work and I dont need other works. Keep going. Downloadable is the first reason …. Not streaming or read online.

  18. karnac permalink

    then will be waiting for next releases :3

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