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Umareru Kachi 10

by on April 4, 2015


I always wonder what exactly is the aura Satsuki can see in people. Anyways, cliffhanger’s over, you can now find out what happened to Anna in this episode.




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  1. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. so, the other girls came back from the future our MC has changed?

    • satou permalink

      Yup, probably that Izuru is from the another future.
      In 1st chapter, when he got some happy images just before die, there’s no image of either Kyou or Anna, even though they used to be a really close friends.
      So, it seems on that future, Kazuya did bang Anna and later ditch her. And, after saw what happened to her cousin, Izuru wanted to prevent that from happening as she got the chance for it. (and take revenge on the same time)

    • ghost permalink

      i think that is the case. my suspicion is that tonogai might either be someone close to anna to know that she was raped in an alternate timeline or it could be anna herself who changed her appearance and name in order to save her younger self although i dont know there could be 2 annas in the same time period… confusing i know

      • BTM permalink

        Two annas. That seems more way more plausible than being kazuyas daughter lol. They both have that demented look at times. Although that could be an artist thing.

        Im so disappointed in kazuya. I really can’t imagine this manga lasting much longer. Damn another mujaki would’ve been nice.

      • Loli Lover permalink

        That Tonogai girl is actually the spirit of Anna’s rape child who wander through space and time to avange the MC. You can see her affectionate to her because Anna is her mother.

  3. kniv permalink

    all hail Mankitsu-Scans

  4. jimmydip permalink

    I saw that the first 3 volumes of Mujaki no Rakuen now have official color editions. I didn’t really like how the colors look. I saw a preview on ebookjapan.

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