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Umareru Kachi 07

by on January 20, 2015


This chapter actually got done four days ago, I just forgot to QC it :<

Also, this ends the first volume of Umareru Kachi. See you kids for the next two volumes!



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  1. Emilee permalink


  2. Cookies! permalink

    Getting his dick sucked like a G, but still an ASS…. And what up with the end of the chapter? The hero I don’t deserve but the hero I need, his name is the next chapter.

  3. auriga permalink

    Thanks again! 😀

  4. joker permalink

    what a spooky face 👿

  5. SimpsDaGreat permalink

    this guy’s seriously twisted… but still kinda cool…. haha hope to get the next chapter soon

  6. ASIA040 permalink

    I’m guessing the girl is a girl from the future of the new timeline he’s made, but she’s crazy and somehow ended going back in time like him to torment him.

  7. mm23 permalink

    Where do you get the raws for this?

  8. DesRed permalink

    “I think we should stop”

    “Shut up and keep sucking” – LIKE A BO$$!!

    This series is too awesome, continue the great work!

  9. BLT permalink

    Is it just me or has this manga just taken a serious dark turn?

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