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[Uran] Shy Girl

by on December 20, 2014


Hi kids! We’ve decided to finally make the leap from doing borderline loli hentai to doing actual, full-blown, pound-me-in-the-ass, vanilla incest loli hentai. And it was all made possible by the good folks at Scantastic who scanned and edited the original high-quality raws and allowed us to use them. This is a book released by Uran back during the Summer Comiket of 2013, and it features a girl who appears to be a cross between Rio and Sayo, so prepare your bodies.




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  1. Cameron permalink

    Even has a Sadpanda link. Is there anything you don’t do?

  2. auriga permalink

    Thanks! 😀

  3. Godzilla permalink

    Anything by Uran is pure gold. Thank you.

  4. kerfirou permalink

    Dear god, are you planning to translate the tankoubon from him/her as well?

    • itainteazy permalink

      If you mean Itsunomanika Shoujo wa then yeah, that has always been my dream.

      • Prevert permalink

        Any chance you`ll do any of his older loli tankoubon?

      • itainteazy permalink


  5. reaper89 permalink

    wow..u are the best 🙂

  6. FREy permalink

    Thank you for this.

    Most groups are too afraid to translate anything that has lolis.

  7. Han permalink

    The afterword is a blast.Uran-sensei is the torch bearer for us.

  8. Vespa-han permalink

    I wonder if that’s why he’s no longer doing loli hentai works.

  9. Tracer444 permalink

    Just saw this on /a/ (, a rebuttal to Uran’s piece:

    Uran is just butthurt that he can’t come up with something highly creative that dances around the metropolitan ordinance like ToLoveRu darkness.

    Still, Uran is just butthurt that he can’t rake in money like ToLoveRu (darkness) franchise without ticking the authorities.

    Just face it, TLR-D is the most innovative lewd manga out there right now. Its innovation levels is right up there with the likes of Mercedez AMG Petronas 2015 Formula One team when developing a F1 race car that must abide to regulations to what some people (like Uran) may say as “unreasonable. The author of the TLR-D should be applauded… like a great technicalist who oversees a Formula One team.

    tl;dr – regulations breed innovation

    • itainteazy permalink

      Haha, that anon can eat a bag of dicks. If the guy wishes to be satisfied with a manga that pussyfoots (or in these last two chapters, pussymouths) around frank depictions of sex and sexual themes, that’s his deal. What happened to Uran is that he made what everybody knows is a pornographic eromanga (Itsunomanika Shoujo wa) with a fucking “18+” label plastered all over it so that no innocent children will have their mind raped by all the penises and vaginas, yet the Japanese authorities did that raid on the Comic Megastore offices, the same people who were supposed to publish that tankobon. So I guess part of Comic Megastore’s plea deal is that they recensor their upcoming publications, which included the above-mentioned title by Uran, where you are basically seeing light sabers going into gashes of light. That was the “self-censorship” Uran was talking about. It also so happened that Amazon Japan decided they were not going to sell that title on their website, so away it went. And that is why Uran said the ordinance was literally taking food out of his mouth since he just lost a major distributor for his published work.

      Uran used to have a post on his blog where he expressed his unmitigated disappointment with what happened to his artwork. He spent all that time getting the composition and the details in his pictures to such a level that will provide the reader with the most impact in terms of eroticism and raw emotions—only to have it literally destroyed and pockmarked by those added white spaces. If he had known that his art would have had that level of censorship, he would have modified his art to avoid that trap, but he was forced to put on a market a product that he felt was overall inferior to what he had in mind. Unfortunately, somebody or something forced him to rewrite and walk back his words on that post (the original post can be read here). So that is why he was unable to express his true feelings in what are supposedly more conventional outlets thanks to that chilling effect of that so-called “self censorship.”

      Of course, Uran isn’t working for Shueisha and the deep pockets they provide for their legal department like Yabuki is. That is why Yabuki can draw a chapter featuring 11-year-old Mikan getting dick slapped by her older brother, and the only thing that happens to him is that they take out a sound effect. But remember, nobody is actually having sex in Darkness, so for now everything is cool and it’s not really an eromanga. However, Uran thought he was following all the rules by drawing an adult eromanga and labeling it an adult eromanga, yet it was still hit with additional censorship that only degraded the art.

      There also seems to be some deluded commentators who willfully ignore the difference between actual child porn and illustrated loli eromanga. Child porn is illegal because there are actual underaged victims. Viewing child porn is NOT an action protected by any free speech or privacy laws since 1.) it further victimizes the children by having their traumatic experiences viewed by an unwanted audience and makes them into unwilling viewing subjects, and 2.) it creates a demand which will result in even more children becoming victimized.

      However, the subjects in loli eromanga are all drawn, and therefore they are not real, so there are no victims to be had, period. Literally the only way anybody could be victimized by loli eromanga is if Rustle traced real child porn. Otherwise, the concern trolls are just concerned that someone somewhere is enjoying something that they find disgusting, and they cannot have that even if the subject matter is not actually harmful. The reason why I love Uran so much is not just because of his exquisite artwork and his sense of humor, but also the fact that what he does, his whole attitude, and the fact that he has found success with his loli manga is a big “FUCK YOU” to all the moralistic concern trolls who think they know what form of entertainment is best for us.

      So TL,DR, the bag of dicks isn’t going to eat itself.

  10. Miraluka permalink

    Wow, the things one gets to know.

    Anyway, Happy New Year Mankitsu guys!! I hope the best for you and Uran-sensei.

  11. Ryan permalink


  12. knossus permalink

    C87 Seikatsu Shidou San Gakki: After Sayo, now Rio fall into the victim. Apparently Uran has withdrawal symptoms if he didn’t draw hentai after awhile.

  13. scrub permalink

    Keep those lolis coming

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