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Umareru Kachi 06

by on December 17, 2014


Sorry, this was the best screenshot I could get from this chapter since all the other possible screenshots were too spoilery.



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  1. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. Finally, our MC will become KICKASS! Love this chapter.

  3. kerfirou permalink

    Wow, this manga really has a completely different flavour than Mujaki.

    I mean, both of the MC is sort of a loser, but the Mujaki MC still has morals.

  4. Prevert permalink

    Heres the raws for vol2 for anyone thats interested

    • Leetnt permalink

      you happen to have the volume 1 raws as well?

      • Prevert permalink

        Sorry just the raws for vol2

  5. Emilee permalink

    I just discovered this series. Love it. Please continue scanlating this ^_^

  6. Gon permalink

    itainteazy you weren’t kidding bro. This manga just got darker xD Loving it even more now that the MC has gone bad ass!

  7. fifi permalink

    wow… that was not what I expected of him.

  8. Cookies! permalink

    “The Sun’ll come out tomorrow” or I’m singing in the rape -clockwork orange

    Also I hope he doesn’t treat that girl like crap, imo she’s better than the one.

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