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Mujaki no Puppy Dog 36

by on December 16, 2014


…thing for you, including these things, and those things…

Ahem. Okay, new feature-length chapter for you Mujaki fans. Happy reading!



  1. BLT permalink

    You can ALMOST see her wagging her tail. :p

  2. reaper89 permalink

    finally…thanks for new chapter

  3. reaper89 permalink

    time for Sayo to get kissed

  4. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  5. Many thanks for the release!

  6. I swear this is a lolicon ecchi manga but a lot of the story in it is so sweet you forget he’s a total perv. I dunno which girl I love more, they’re all so good.

  7. scrub permalink

    I want to sniff her butt

  8. Prevert permalink

    Heres chs 41.42,its a chinese trans but better than nothing

  9. Victor DoUrden permalink

    I fucking love you. I wish I could actually find this somewhere other then this site to. Pisses me off how I only found this manga a few days ago.

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