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Tokyo DTED Volume One

by on December 2, 2014


Doesn’t this face make you want to take a picture, frame it, put it on a bedstand, look at it, then punch the glass into bloody shards?

So I guess you are all wondering why you haven’t been seeing individual chapters of this manga released on this website.

The answer is simple: no lolis.

This is a scanlation group that prides itself on doing series featuring underaged girls getting into sexual situations, series that will never be hosted on mainstream manga readers dependant on Christian googlebucks and series that will never see the light of day on this side of the Pacific, on that side of the Atlantic, Down Under, or anywhere else in the globe where people are under the mistaken belief that drawings of little children have human rights that must be protected.

The fact that we are also doing a series about a literally limpdicked MC who spends the entire story having a bitch fit over how he lost out on giving Worst Girl the D when he had the chance is both a black eye and an embarrassment to this fine organization. I was mistakenly led to believe that this would be another loli manga based on the first couple of pages; however, this series proves once again that lolis are truly master race—backstabbing and manipulative grown females have nothing on them.

This is also somewhat of an experimental series since it is the first one I self-scanned. This volume contains the kakioroshi at the end featuring Yoko Kotani (a woman, natch) introducing us to the maaagical place called a girls bar. Additionally, this volume contains some pages that are revised from the ones that are currently floating out there on the interwebs, especially those where I cleaned up the local dialect that Tetsuo and company speak when they are in Kochi. Apparently the “slang” was too much for the non-English speaking plebs, so they had to be changed to accommodate them. Just to show how much of a favor I did for you people, here are some videos I used as a reference for the dialect I was trying to emulate. Believe you me, you dodged a bullet.



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  1. Kajidono permalink

    I gotta read this just based on the description.

    • lunesave permalink

      The amount of enrage you should feel for every character except for swimsuit bro should be paramount.

  2. Freaky permalink

    O_O Plz continue.

  3. kotorin permalink

    I was waiting for you to post this here, to be honest I really like this one, will you keep doing it?
    the other day I fell for a trap like you did, I thought it would be a loli manga is this one
    its called Egokoro toiro, it starts with a naked loli, but she grows, to be honest I really like her more grown version

  4. haha i was suprise when i see this coming . . .
    the first time i see this i thought it was weird why not a loli manga . . .

  5. Anon permalink

    So that was the secret, you got tricked into doing this series.
    Just one question, will you continue doing this series?

  6. callonia permalink

    I just read this and enjoyed it very much. I want more. Pls even when you pride yourself on only doing loli scanlations. I hunger for more!

  7. raidragon permalink

    the rage is real!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. boredasfukk permalink

    lol! after I read kono s o, mi yo! I have a hard time trying to enjoy shit like this, makes me want to listen to stitches and reaffirm my alpha male status

  9. aian permalink

    lol smells me that you’ve been involved with “that” poll on manga updates xD

  10. Pablete permalink

    You know this series alternative name is Tokyo NTRed, right?

  11. Yesdo permalink

    Hey dude, I know you can save us.
    Is there ANY WAY for you to do this manga?
    It’s been abandoned by scanlators a long time ago, and it already ended in Japan.
    It’s a pretty good manga with cute lolis and ecchi.
    Pls help us.

  12. talv permalink

    thanks for still doing this series 😀

  13. DonPiantissimo permalink

    I kinda don’t feel the rage because it seems so detached. I mean, yeah, makoto should be stoned to death for tricking an underaged virgin with trauma that gave him erectile dysfunction (is scum and named makoto, coincidence?), that’s reprehensible by even the most loose morality, but other than that it doesn’t help that the male characters are so unreal.

    His brother, person who spent his whole life up to that point with him, never once told him “heads up bro who lives in the room next to mine, I’m bringing a woman in, we’ll probably fuck and stuff, you wanna make plans to be somewhere else or something?”
    Or at least, if he’s going to do his childhood crush, even if he wasn’t going to ask for permission, he would at least give him a heads up that things are going down.
    They’d have to be in extremelly bad terms to not do those basic stuff.
    The manager, understanding the situation, would at least give him a heads up like: “dude, heads up, she’s a whore” instead of laughing behind his back. Normal guys don’t do that.
    And then there’s swimsuit guy’s lines at the bar, but he’s insane so I’ll leave that be.

    That’s standard guy etiquette, you do that for guys you are close to and it’s kinda reprehensible if you don’t. Other guys wouldn’t go “lol, you went behind your brother’s back (who’s done nothing to you) and fucked his crush right next to him! hahaha!”. They’d most likely go “dude, what’s wrong with you…”
    Iunno, it seems to me like the male characters are womanized, either that or just the japanese are that different.

    Also, his whining is kinda pathetic rather than justified “Oh no, no girl will come to like me on her own when I have done nothing to approach anyone, all women are whores”. Yeah, makoto actually is a whore, but other than that he can’t really complain when he isn’t even trying…

    Anyways, I rambled, but I guess the work of a female writter just feels that much off in places.

  14. Renard permalink

    I cried and laughed along with the MC, guys, it was a good choice to translate.

  15. ddrox permalink

    please translate more TwT

  16. Hyouka permalink

    Hey guys I was just wondering if you were still translating this series?

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