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Mujaki no Shotacon 32

by on October 5, 2014


It’s the long awaited return of Yayoi-oneesan, kids! Too bad I had to edit out the aureola in this picture 😦



Also, a few words from the mangaka below the fold:

When You Eat a Lot of Meat


…your body starts to smell oily.

Since I’m more of a fish and vegetables guy and don’t eat a lot of meat, I know for a fact that my body odor changes when I eat a huge serving of meat, especially when I eat beef or chicken. Pork, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to change my body odor that much. What about you guys?

The other day, I went to a party held by the production staff of the Mujaki no Rakuen limited edition sixth volume DVD. It was at a Tokyo yakiniku place that is so secret you’d miss the entrance to the place itself if you didn’t already know where it was. Although there were ten of us, the reserved spot was just big enough to hold all of us. It was a simple little restaurant that resembled an old private house, and the meat they brought out was delicious! They also left the sake for us to help ourselves to, and of course we were free to drink and eat the night away.

However, two people drank themselves so stupid that when we had to leave… let’s just say there was an incident of which I’m not at liberty to print in detail here. lol

After getting the two drunks in taxicabs, I grabbed the director and the sound director and said, “Can I have a serious talk with you guys?” and took them to a quiet place about two buildings away. The CEO of the animation company also joined in our little powwow where we had a rather frank discussion about the recently released OAD.

Although I was sticking my nose where it really didn’t belong, they were very receptive to what I had to say, and in the end we had a positive and optimistic exchange of ideas concerning future projects. Mr. CEO, Mr. Director, and Mr. Sound Director, thank you all very much!

Okay, now where was I?

Oh yeah, it’s been two days after that…

my body smelled really oily orz

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