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Mujaki no Just a Dream 29

by on September 11, 2014


Now that we all know how the manga is going to end, there’s really no need to scanlate the rest of the chapters, amirite?



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  1. Anonymous permalink

    We Life on Mars now

  2. onemore1334 permalink

    We know how the manga is going to end? Why?

  3. Thanks for the new chapter!

  4. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  5. kerfirou permalink

    Well, there still Sayo-chan………

  6. ThomThom permalink

    Um… Page 26 there’s a major typo. “Are you in like?” should be “Are you in Love?”

    • itainteazy permalink

      Looks like BLT has won the bet saying that there are people out there who won’t get the line. Google the phrase “fall in like” (in quotes). Hell, even that popular music artist who appears to be a hit with you young people nowadays that goes by the name of [*puts on spectacles*] “Lady Gaga”? has made a song called “In Like With You.”

      • BLT permalink

        I tried to warn ya…

      • itainteazy permalink

        Hopefully he and others learned a new fucking phrase.

  7. reaper89 permalink

    pls keep scan the rest of chapters…..even we know the ending 🙂

  8. belzinghast permalink

    Okay, I can’t decide between Sayo or Rio. What about you guys?

  9. hùng permalink

    oh~ new chapter ! Thank you very much 😀

  10. oversouls permalink

    Judo girl for the win and it was all a dream,pretty sad for mc

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