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Mujaki no Staatspolizei Jungrori 28

by on August 29, 2014


Here we are in the start of the fifth volume, and thus the first of the Rio arc. Find out how Shouta fucks up this opportunity of a lifetime.

Also, this is coming out in celebration of the just-released sixth volume of the manga and the animated OAD that was bundled with it. Hope your dicks are ready. (Also, no, we will not be subbing the OAD because we’re not a fansub group.)



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  1. Emilee Teresta permalink

    Thanks. Hope somebody subs that.

  2. Thanks for the release!

  3. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  4. nice…
    Thanks for the chapter ^^/ …and my dick is ready for it! xD

  5. anon permalink

    my dick is always ready.
    also Rio best girl.

  6. ライアン permalink

    Thank you so much for the update (^_^)

  7. Thanks for the chapter!! (and hoping Doutei/kokujin picks up the OAD)

  8. Prevert permalink

    I`ve found a better copy of ch40,sadly still no luck with any of the others tho`

  9. raidragon permalink

    thank you for the release!!!!

  10. hùng permalink

    yeah ^^ thanks Group ^^

  11. Anónimo permalink

    I think something silly like Residential Evil would have fit the game’s name quite well.

    Do you happen to have the raws for chapters 35-37?

    • itainteazy permalink

      “Resident Evil”? What the hell is that? As far as I’m concerned, the name has always been Biohazard :3

      As for raws, check out jcafe.

  12. Onii-chan permalink

    > Also, no, we will not be subbing the OAD because we’re not a fansub group.

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