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Mujaki no Innocence 36.5

by on August 9, 2014


More Nako action for all you filthy pervs. This time around, this chapter appeared in a special issue of Young Animal called Young Animal Innocent which hit the newsstands back in March. Because of the oh-so-innocent nature of this story, this is probably the only chapter that contains no swear words. Since it was released after Chapter 36 and before the glorious, glorious dickdiamonds inducing chapter that was 37, we gave it the unofficial name of “Chapter 36.5”. So enjoy it while it lasts, Nako fans, because there will be a virtual dry spell of her delicious zettai ryouiki for the next two volumes. The only other Nako chapter coming your way is a feature-length chapter in the middle of Volume 5.

DDL link

Torrent link

  1. Cameron permalink

    Super hype for chapter 37 niw

  2. Thanks for the new release!

  3. Jack permalink

    Cant wait for ch 28-36

  4. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  5. Emilee Teresta permalink

    Can’t wait. Thanks

  6. hùng permalink

    where’s 28 => 36 ???????????

  7. BLT permalink

    Hung: Don’t worry. they’re coming.

  8. hùng permalink

    thank you ^^ hurry up 😀

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