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Mujaki no Pedophile 27

by on July 31, 2014


The long wait is over (thanks to one of our typesetters going missing and the other typesetter suffering a failure in his external HD), so here’s some long-awaited Nako action.



Update: Apparently there’s a bug with Mediafire where some people can download from the link just fine while others can’t. So I’ve replaced the DDL link.

And also some important announcement from Uran-sensei below the fold:

I Went To The Recording Session!

And it was raunchier than I thought.

Although all I only saw was the unfinished key animation being filmed, and not the full animation, I still felt it was really faithful to my original work. Truth be told I was a little nervous before seeing the key animation, but it was better than I could have imagined!

The voice actors and actresses were really getting carried away in acting out the hijinks that the voice director actually had to slow them down saying: “Okay, that was a little too lewd right there, just do it normally with gusto.”

This is weird… all I wrote was a little comedy manga, but while listening in I felt myself rising to attention…


…from my seat! lol (I gave them a standing ovation)


Now then, here I’ll introduce to you the voice actors that gave such a passionate performance:

Shouta: Yasuaki Takumi

Konomi: Mayuka Nomura

Manatsu: Sachie Hirai

Nako: Nana Inoue

Rio: Ayano Niina

Sayo: Kanami Satou

They’re all perfect!


Now then, this is a sample of the dakimakura covers. It’s still an unsewn piece of cloth, but it feels incredible! It’s velvety soft, but the matte gives it a high elasticity! It feels like it was made out of a deluxe bathing suit. The cloth feels so sexy! There used to be a dirty French film called Le cri de la soie about a woman with a silk fetish. Now I understand where she’d get her fetish. The printing is also top notch, so it’s pretty intense all around. I knew how dakimakura covers were available in doujin circles, but I never felt the need to get one of them until now. Now I know why people buy these things. If you all take these in your hands, I’m sure you’ll want them just as much as I do.

  1. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. Gurbel permalink

    DDL link is broken, it says it was removed; just to let you know. anyway, thanks for the chapter, I’m glad to see it after a while

  3. Many thanks for the release!

  4. karnac permalink

    aaaawww heeelll fuuucckiiing yyeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!! thanks for the release, waiting for the rest :3 !!!!

  5. dArkAngeL permalink

    Thank you so much ^_^

  6. DDL file has been blocked

  7. File blocked….I’d advise uploading in Zippyshare or

  8. belzinghast permalink

    Thank you so much guys. You are all doing such amazing work. I can’t wait for you guys to get to chapters 36 to 40, I’ve heard it gets really good at that point.

  9. JukanX permalink

    RIP Shouta-kun LOL

  10. Cameron permalink

    Just read all of 1 – 27. Good scanlating so far guys. Only one more chapter till you’ve finished this volume

  11. hùng permalink

    Thank you very much for new Chapter

  12. dae-kun permalink

    Woah woah woah. This is becoming a series or an OVA?

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