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Mujaki no Harem Lead 26

by on June 4, 2014

ss (2014-06-03 at 06.26.04)

More Konomi-chan for you kids.



Also, more updates about Uran-sensei’s father’s passing:

Wake (5/30)

I just came home from the wake.

I took the place of my mother who’s still devastated and tired from all the nursecaring and addressed the guests as his closest relative.

The wake was supposed to be a private affair… but over 120 people came to pay their last respects, which honestly had me spooked (^^:)

Former students of my dad, who was a college professor, came from long distances to be there, and I saw people bawling after seeing my dead father, which made me truly grateful for their presence.

Tomorrow (today) will be the funeral service. Since my father hated things to be all moody and serious, I wish to see him off to the next life with smiles.

Cremation (5/31)

We’ve cremated my dad. It seems that he had strong bones, so they were fully intact.

I wanted to put his beloved tenkara fishing pole in his coffin, but there was the risk of the carbon and glass fiber burning and sticking to the bones, so instead we put in his handmade lures. Maybe he’ll do a little angling while crossing Sanzu River, lol

The day has been tiring, so I’m going to sleep. I’ll take a break for a whole day tomorrow, then on Sunday I’ll get back to the grind that is my day job p(^^)q

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  3. Coin permalink

    Damn that was a sad story about his father passing away.

  4. deftnessx permalink

    Thanks for the update

  5. new chapter when?

  6. Prevert permalink

    I managed to find the raws for ch40 but no luck with chs 38,39,the best I could find was a review site with some pix from those 2 chapters

  7. Prevert permalink

    I managed to find the raws for ch40 but no luck with chs 38,39,the best I could find was a review site with some pix from those 2 chapters

  8. psicomenace permalink

    Thanks a lot for the chapter & the info, is always sad when someone dear dies.
    BTW also thanks a lot @Prevert & such a shame the missing couple of chapters.

  9. Sladen permalink isnt this the full raw from vol 1-5? or am i mistaken

    • Sladen permalink

      o and could you please Release a batch with every chapter so far? that would be great

  10. belzinghast permalink

    If it’s not to much trouble to ask, what is your estimated release date for the next chapter?

  11. Sladen permalink

    thx for that, did you see my comment? is there the missing chapter?

    • david666 permalink

      the missing chapters ( 38 – 39 ) are in vol 6 that will be out in august 2014

      • Sladen permalink

        thx for the info, keep up the great work

      • itainteazy permalink

        Or you can contact this guy, and see if he will post any recent chapters. Ask reaally nicely, I might add.

    • itainteazy permalink

      Yes, we have seen your comment. We haven’t replied because there wasn’t any new chapter coming.

  12. onemore1334 permalink

    Is there any online reading site that actually has this manga? Want to start reading now, and DLing everything from Nyaa is a pain in the ass.

    • watanabe43 permalink

      Google is your friend dude. Kissmanga probably the best.

  13. New chapter when? Been too long, need more lolis

  14. Cameron permalink

    Finally found your website!

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