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Mujaki no Seriously, Where The Fuck Are My Lolis 24

by on April 30, 2014

ss (2014-04-30 at 06.10.08)

Not that I don’t respect the sainted Uran-sensei, but seriously why in fuck’s name would he do this chapter? Is he TRYING to lose readership?



And also we bundled past chapters into volumes, just because.

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL


  1. Thanks for the new chapter!

  2. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  3. Nice!! Thank you for the new chapter!!

  4. anonym service permalink

    Don’t fret, the seinen domain can be expanded not only for loli-lover, but also teenager. It’s good for business, no?

  5. raidragon permalink

    Mujaki no gay?

  6. yo_l2 permalink

    Um, yeah, that was different. Perhaps Uran is trying to appeal to more niches?

    Thanks for the chapter.

  7. Harkan permalink

    I can somewhat understand the sister chapter and the last chapter, but this one seems kinda out of place in Mujaki no Rakuen. Being more or less a 90% lolicon manga, I can see how the sister and other girl are their to kinda give breaks in between, but the fujoshi and her weird play (not to spoil the chapter) just seems completely out of place from the rest of the manga. Anyways thanks for the new chapter. Hoping for the filler to be over so we can get back to the lolis

  8. delicious permalink

    Whoa, thanks a lot!

  9. karnac permalink

    Ok, I Agree with the others…WHAT THE HECK!!!! (normally, I’ll Use the F… word, but now I’m feeling like a SIR)… in the other hand…there was some loli pantsu shots (and maybe it’s a hint…loli-yuri, maybe? think about it)and I pray to Cthulhu that there are no more ch’s like this, please !!!!

  10. karnac permalink

    also, that face…..scary…. a lot!!!

  11. kamiyan permalink

    Thanks for the new cha-WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST SEE!?

  12. Aqua permalink

    I liked it, but I don’t understand why he didn’t stop it.

  13. Croa permalink

    I thought this chapter was really hot actually, I hope we get to see the fujoshi again.

  14. Hi
    I wanted to ask if i can use your scanlation to translate this manga in my native language
    and i would name it in the credite from where i have the translation

    • itainteazy permalink

      Sure, but do remember I didn’t ask the original author for permission for scanlating this manga 😉

      • well , but some scanlation group dont want that other groups use they raws or translation.
        can i ask you for the raw ? or could i use your “english” raw, as a i said i would name it in the credt that the raw are cleaned or adepted by you

      • itainteazy permalink

        Well, those scanlation groups are jackasses. If you want japanese raws, you can go to Manga-Zone or whatever. Or use our scans.

      • than i will use your scans, thanks and i´m looking forward to read this manga 🙂

  15. What the hell did I just read o.o

    chapter 16 cover in color, if you would like to add it :3
    Thnx for all the hard work on translation~

  16. psicomenace permalink

    Uhm, a bit weird but still thanks a lot for the translation, sadly the manga could not be complete without it right?

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