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Live Action Movie Greenlit!

by on April 1, 2014

From Uran-sensei’s blog:


Live Action Movie Greenlit!

Even though we have officially started taking orders on the limited edition sixth volume of Mujaki no Rakuen bundled with the original anime DVD, this fall Mujaki no Rakuen will get its own LIVE ACTION MOVIE!


All the actors will be 18 and over, but we’ll be hiring very short and petite actresses who will conform to the characters’ physical likenesses.


Also, in order for the production to remain faithful to manga, we expect that this film will be rated R-18.


I will give you continuous false alarms as more details come in.

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  1. u fucking serius…wow….i can’t wait if it happen…anime + live action …. whats better than this 🙂

  2. random permalink

    Japan sure loves April Fools jokes.

  3. karnac permalink

    please, be true; also, please, live action movie, be truthful…. don’t be like nana to kaoru or sundome live action movie, please (but hiring short & petite actor over 18…. niaj…..however, japanese people are ¿”tricksters”?….Wahtever, I would prefer lolis!!!) please, at least be a faithful movie!!!!

  4. tsuki permalink

    Hmmm … interesting date today for this announcement ….

  5. April 1st my brothen.

  6. delicious permalink

    MAN! Why would you post things like these on April 1st? The uncertainty is overwhelming!!!!
    Also, I completely agree with Karnac; let’s hope this is some quality schtuff

  7. The last live action i watched which is adapted from manga about loli was “Kodomo no Kodomo” about a loli get pregnant by her classmate.

    I know that it might be an April fools joke, real-fags and old politicians are against on it. But, if it’s not a joke, it’s gonna be a great breakthrough !

    In reality, Japanese produce many loli gravure videos. Of course, it would be nice if those girls are scouted from those loli gravure actresses.

  8. itainteazy permalink

    Yes, this is almost definitely an April Fools joke. I say “almost” because last year Uran pulled the long troll on all of us. That April Fools message claimed that the fourth volume was going to contain a drama CD, but you can see that the beginning kanas of each line spelled out “April Fool” if you read them vertically. But we all know what happened later that year, right?

    So who knows, we might see a live-action movie for as far as I know.

  9. karnac permalink

    well, I didn’t know about these things ( the drama cd and the joke -_- ) ut after read this I searched and found this, I don’t know if this was published before, but this (in my personal opinion) is PURE GOLD!!!… I expect, at least un ITADAKIMASU (yo dije eso al verlo :3 ) (= I said that when I saw it )

  10. Gawd… i finally has time for the interwebz and see EZ-chan having fun with his pedobear antics
    fawk i have a backlog of a lot of chapters to read… if only i had enough time
    damn i hate work…

  11. karnac permalink

    what is that “taco flavor”? my native language is spanish, I’m not very good with english (and in those moments I need to express my feelings!!!!)and also I sitll can’t read kanji (shame on me!!)…. at least it gives more “variety” to the blog :3

    ok, that clarified, thanks for the new chapter!!! may the Pedo-GOd bless you !!!

    p.d: I agree with that…. like someone said in FRIENDS: “Welcome to the real world! It sucks! You’re going to love it! :3

  12. raidragon permalink

    no new releases for April?

  13. psicomenace permalink

    No way, first the OVA & now a Live Action? awesome, thanks a lot for the info.

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