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This Had Better Be True

by on March 26, 2014



Animated OAV with limited edition sixth volume of the manga??? And the director did a bunch of hentai shit including the glorious Stringendo series?????

If true, there truly is a god TT__TT


If not, it’s one truly sick April Fools joke orz

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  1. FapMeister1823 permalink

    Please let it be real, please let it be real
    I will fap unholy amounts of cum to this

  2. Prevert permalink

    Holy Shit!!

  3. Wow, if true I hope a decent sub group picks it up!

    • Paint permalink

      Erobeat & Subdesu-H. Both hardsub and use public raws.

  4. karnac permalink

    ok, I can only say…. ALELUYAAAA!!!!

  5. fraggotthenoober permalink

    holyfuq, please tell us when it’s released! luv u

  6. love u love u love u….i can’t find the right words

  7. There is a god! Stringendo is one of my favourite hentai next to La Blue Girl 😀

  8. anonym service permalink

    Thanks for the good news! as a teaser, can somebody post-up the drama-CD?

  9. psicomenace permalink

    Awesome, God really exist.

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