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Mujaki no Rakuen – 17

by on December 21, 2013

ss (2013-12-20 at 07.34.20)

These two look awfully cozy, don’t they?



Also, another special announcement from Uran-sensei:

Free Swag At Comiket

The thin B3 poster (printed both sides) that will be given to those who buy my new doujinshi at Comiket is complete!


Since it’s a thin poster, it will be long, narrow and half the width of a B3 paper. We’ve removed text and any other obstructions, leaving only a simple design, so you should be able to hang it in your bedroom, bathroom, living room, workplace without any worries!

*Cough* *Cough*

Actually, the printing house I always do business with has this clause in the contract: “We will not print any sexually-themed materials that has mosaics or other forms of censorship.” So I was having flop sweats wondering if the printer will reject my submission upon review. But I didn’t say a word about it when I sent in my design, and it went through. (^o^

I guess the depictions were not that objectionable, so they looked the other way. Thanks a bunch, guys!  *thock thock*

I gotta say though, today sure was chilly. Though there’s no snow yet, these temps and low pressure systems are weighing heavily on my body. Gaah, I don’t even feel like working today. I guess I’m spent after sending in the last manuscript of the year.  It’s time like these when I catch a cold, so I better watch out. All you people out there better make sure you don’t catch a cold either ^^

  1. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. Many thanks for the release!

  3. Prevert permalink

    Awesome work,I cant wait for the next chapter,thats the one with titty four eyes[Michiko]

  4. karnac permalink

    man, you rules…thanks for the saturnalia gift (I love the big bang theory) 😀

  5. raidragon permalink

    thank you for the release. This is my fav manga so far

  6. psicomenace permalink

    Great, even one chapter more, absolutly thank you very much.
    BTW that poster looks awesome.

  7. Johniknik permalink

    Thank you very much for translating the author’s announcement haha 😀

  8. nice chapter. Thanks for the release guys!

  9. nice chapter. Thanks for the release!!!

  10. raidragon permalink

    when ch18 come out? this is my fav loli manga^^

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