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Mujaki no Rakuen 12, 13

by on November 17, 2013

ss (2013-11-17 at 01.45.19)

What’s this? A double release from a stalling-ass group?

Well, it couldn’t have happened without the help of our new typesetter, imnotamused, so give him some loli love :3

DDL 12

DDL 13

Torrent 12

Torrent 13

  1. Spearsmen620 permalink

    Thank you Mankitsu-Scans! The Lolibear is strong in here. Awesome double release and I really enjoyed these chapters!

  2. Mikl permalink

    Thank you people!
    Manatsu is the best!

  3. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapters! 😀

  4. Kyto permalink

    Thank you! This wait’s been like having an itch you just can’t scratch

  5. Beanie permalink

    Yay, thanks a lot! You guys are truly the best

  6. Thanks for the double release!

  7. Thanks a lot, we miss them so much!

  8. Emilee permalink

    I love you guys. Thanks and keep it up ^_^

    • itainteazy permalink

      Wow, I got those raws like 2 weeks ago, dude.

      Just like with every other raw.

  9. Thank you again :3 \(°o°)/

  10. karnac permalink

    thanks the fudging thank you….I think that´s was all for the blog…and then you almost release 3 ch’s consecutively…..thans man…waiting for MOAAR!!!

  11. psicomenace permalink

    & now even two in a row? awesome, thanks a lot & hope to see a lot more of new chapters soon ;D

  12. Prevert permalink

    Heres the complete manga of Urans other latest work Itsu no Mani ka Shoujo wa,enjoy!

    • itainteazy permalink

      Ah, the heavily censored version. Thanks, though!

  13. trruro permalink

    thank you IMNOTAMUSED & M-S!

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