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Mujaki no Rakuen 10

by on May 24, 2013

ss (2013-05-23 at 11.47.43)

This time we have Rio. F10 doesn’t seem to care for her much. I think she’s feisty.



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  1. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. cheers big ears!

  3. Hikki permalink

    Thanks for another chapter.

  4. Many thanks for the release!

  5. very awesome, thanks a lot!!

  6. neeto permalink


  7. karnac permalink

    yeah, It’s finally here!!!!! thanks for the great job (and forget about people who complain about translation,….send them to hadena -finally I saw what’s that….and It was lame- and laugh of them….
    wathever, thanks for the job!!!!

  8. karnac permalink

    thanks for the updating!!!! still searching and praying for THAT Uran’s doujin XD!…one question…. It’s just me or the protagonist of THAT doujin is Konomi?! thanks for the answer!!!!

  9. Prevert permalink

    Heres another Uran story I found

  10. karnac permalink

    thanks for the info!!! and as “compensation” I give you this nugget of information…I was searching and found a (I suppose) new book of the author, here’s the link the name of this “apparently” new book: いつの間にか少女は or a google trad: Itsunomanika shōjo wa OR “Girl is too soon”

    also, I think this would be the official page, apparently (I’m not sure) …. If it not, please let me know, and put the link to the real one

  11. pedo permalink

    The End of “Kodomo no Jikan” makes me feel hungry of loli manga.
    This can can fullfill my hunger of lolis.


  12. Prevert permalink

    A new compilation from Uran,the first in quite a few years,hopefully some kind person will scan it

  13. Prevert permalink

    Heres urans other latest work from comic megastore Itsuno Manika Shoujo wa ch #s 1-3,5,6

    • knossus permalink

      Thanks! The tankoubon version has >> censored, so if it’s not bothering you, please give me the rest of the chapters.

  14. karnac permalink

    Excellent (that finally my comment was published….ok, It’s a joke, take it easy) that the 28th chapter is released (and other “things”…if you know what I mean xD)……By the way, someone can confirm if that is the official page of URAN? Waiting for next chapter xD!!!

  15. chap 11 please

  16. karnac permalink

    GENTE; PIPOL!!!ok, it’s people, but It’s amazing!!!!Finally someone uploaded this marvelous thing!!!! from the great URAN his last work (I assume is a “him”, not “her”…If I’m wrong, someone correct me) Uran-Itsunomanika_Shoujo_wa!!!! I found it here
    and the download link its here:

    Have a nice day…I’m having it with this!!!!

  17. karnac permalink

    thanks 4 th chapter

  18. psicomenace permalink

    Awesome work, thanks a lot Mankitsu-Scans & special thanks to @Prevert, you are a real hero man, please do not forget us.

  19. Bagwis permalink

    what happen to the 11-20 chapters??

  20. Snow permalink

    Mmmh, I can’t find any raw for chapter 23 and 25… Could anyone help me with some links?

  21. Alex permalink

    Just wondering if you guys happen to have any plans to continue? I’d love to see more of this series translated. Wish I could help but the only thing I could really do is proofread, heh.
    Mind if I ask where your getting the raws? I’ve tried looking but could only find up to vol 3(which ends at 20) thanks for posting them though.

  22. peter permalink

    Any new chapter going to be translated?

  23. taiffon_3e permalink

    Thanks ^^ i love this!! xD waiting for more : P

  24. Johniknik permalink

    no mooooore?????? >_____<

  25. blexebu permalink

    Wow Prevert, are you God?

    Thank you so much for the raws

  26. imnotamused permalink

    Hey, dunno how to contact you, I want to help with the editing/typesetting job. I usually have the time to edit at least a chapter per day, sometimes I get busy because of college but not longer than acceptable.

    I’m leaving a mail in the email field, hope this is fine, just in case I’ll check back here sometime later.

    • itainteazy permalink

      Okay, if you want to join the team, it’s at, and I’ll send off an email.

  27. karnac permalink

    ok…. I didn’t do it the last time…now, I correct that….thanks for upload the ch’s of this wonderful manga, really thanks!!!!! waiting for the others!!!!

  28. alex713 permalink

    What is the english title of 10-th chapter? It’s missing on the first page.

    • itainteazy permalink

      It’s supposed to be “Prisoner in Paradise” but I blame the previous typesetter for that screwup.

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