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Mujaki no Rakuen 08

by on May 13, 2013

ss (2013-05-13 at 12.29.11)

Okay, you pedo fucks, here’s your new chapter.  And like I said in the previous post, we were absent for nearly two months because of *reasons*. Also, too, we still need more pedobears for typesetting and editan.



  1. auriga permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter! 😀

  2. very awesome, thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Your cleaner is retarded and should feel bad for resizing and denoising perfectly good and fairly high quality raws.
    Here, have a properly joined double page, if you feel like re-typesetting it.

    • Anonymous permalink

      That was removed rather instantly. Goddamn image hosts.

      • itainteazy permalink

        Hadena-level cleaning… shit’s fucking cash.

        Like I said, if you want to help, you’re more than welcome to sign up.

      • Anonymous permalink

        I can’t seem to reply right so no idea where this post will land, but shoot me an email itainteazy, I should have an email attached. I have no problem lending a hand.

    • if you want perfection… buy the book…
      be grateful there is at least someone willing to translate this for you.
      i said it before… and i’ll say it again…
      we are nowhere near to be scanlators…
      we are fansubbers working on something we like that no one else is working on…
      end of story.

      • Anonymous permalink

        Unfortunately, by that logic everyone should be grateful for Hadena.
        Just because someone is releasing something doesn’t mean they should be praised if it’s shit, especially if someone is going out of their way to make it worse, which you have to do to resize and denoise something.
        And really, if you’re fansubbers, surely you’re used to criticism by now.

      • why do you think i’m not the least bit bothered by your post?
        other retard had been… it would’ve been deleted already…
        but as little as i care 😀 lololol i just approve whatever ppl wants to say haha

        PS: going by that analogy…
        i can’t understand how is it that there is so many people that actually praises DOKI, COMMIE and HATSUYUKI
        is just… outrageous

    but there is a fucking bird chirping right infront of my window…
    i swear imma cut that fukken tree next weekend!
    I SWEAR!
    good lord… i wish i had a gun!

  5. Hikki permalink

    Thanks for new chapter.

  6. umbra permalink

    I love the angry elephaant at page 18

  7. Geese1 permalink

    Thanks for the release!

  8. Maritime permalink

    You have been thanked with the power of ten million pedobears sprinting on treadmills at level 10 speed. I am eternally grateful for your releases.

  9. Prevert permalink

    Yes,I for one am very grateful,many thanks for this

  10. anonymous3 permalink

    Thanks for the new chapter!

  11. kyr permalink

    Anon from earlier who said the cleaning etc is not good – PLEASE join M-Scans and help out?

    I would if I could but I have neither skills nor knowledge. Since you seem to have both, rather than arguing and criticising, you should join the group for better chapters together! Everyone wins!

    • Anonymous permalink

      I replied above a few days ago offering my help but so far haven’t gotten an email, I guess they haven’t noticed or something.

      • itainteazy permalink

        Yeah, we’re basically a couple of fags who are still butthurt over your “Hadena” comment, which especially hit us hard since we’re fagsubbers. We prefer picking those who have good personalities and who are willing to put up with our faggotry.

  12. Thx for the new chapter

  13. asd permalink

    thx for new chapter

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