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The “We’re Not Dead Yet But We Need Yer Help” Post

by on May 11, 2013

ss (2013-05-11 at 12.59.22)

Yeah, yeah, we’ve heard you. Simple explanation, we are both busy oldfags. F10 goes on a bunch of business trips, I look after a bunch of kids with behavioral and emotional disorders (read: juvenile delinquents) all day, so not much time for lolis nowadays. So if any of you pedobears would like to pitch in with anything other than TL-bear in order to get your regular dose of Konomi-chan, Rio-chan, Nako-chan, Sayo-chan, Manatsu-chan, and some occasional Michiko-chan, please put in your application in the comments section. Come early, come often, or else you’ll make loli Sayo cry.

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  1. chucknorrissaurus permalink

    Thanks for the hard work. Well, I don’t mind waiting. As a reader I have all the time in this world.
    By the way, is this manga contains mind break or NTR? I’m afraid my heart isn’t ready to see Konomi-chan’s purity stained by the hands of entertainment industry. I’m gonna be sad, dude.

  2. tbh… neither am i…
    but i am working on chapter8 right now…
    i could use some help… anyone interested?

  3. Prevert permalink

    What sort of help do you need exactly?

    • itainteazy permalink

      Editing, redrawing, typesetting, lettering, that kind of stuff.

  4. BLT permalink

    I can help with Typesetting. I’ve done some work for Mahou-X before they died and recently I’ve been typesetting the Pacific Rim Jaeger Girls comic strips on /m/.

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