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Mujaki no Rakuen 01 (Paradise of Innocence)

by on January 30, 2013

ss (2013-01-29 at 10.33.16)

New scanning team, new project. Lolicons in Japan bought 200,000 copies of this manga, so it’s a crime to leave this gem untranslated.  Story is basically Shouta, a 25-year-old good-for-nothing NEET who has to take shit from his former female classmates who became bigshots, goes back in time and deals with those same classmates when they were in fifth grade. Follow him as he creates his own harem of lolis.


DDL (Depositfiles)

  1. Cory permalink

    Nice first manga to pick up and for that good sirs I salute you XP

  2. vipo permalink

    Thanks a lot for the new series!!

  3. wazzz up!!!!
    Just came here to thank you guys for this…*cough* manga…
    Really appreciated!

  4. RS456 permalink

    Not really lolicon but kids acting too old for their own good. Seems interesting.

  5. KillerLolipop permalink

    Pedobear approved!
    Thanks for an epic release!

  6. Thanks….look like interesting series.

  7. Geese1 permalink

    Thanks for picking this up!

  8. Okay, so I’m guessing someone will rail into me for part of this but oh well.

    First of all, nice work on the scan. I think I only noticed one error that anyone would actually give a damn about, which is pretty good really.

    Second, let’s hope there’s many more releases for this series in the future, it looks interesting.

    Third, why does it seem like every single scanlation group has to trash talk some manga hosting site?

    For instance, on the credits page you guys took a jab at batoto just because you assumed that they would never have this manga on their site because it’s a bit on the adult side, yet that is exactly where I read this (and many other works like it, which shows that maybe you guys haven’t been going there long?). The random bashing kinda gets old after a while, especially when it’s done without reason.. >.>

    • itainteazy permalink

      If they took down Kodomo no Jikan, dollars to doughnuts they’re gonna take this down too, lol

      • I think there’s a decent chance of it being left up. They still update Minamoto-kun Monogatari.

        Unless it gets a whole lot worse than the end of that chapter, otherwise it’s heading more into Fakku territory. XD

  9. xoxxooxxo permalink

    Is two kids loving each other considered as a lolicon ?
    I don’t think so

  10. thanks man

  11. Garry McGarry permalink

    Thanks for the release! We appreciate it.

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