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Mujaki no Harem Lead 26

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More Konomi-chan for you kids.



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A sad announcement from Uran-sensei:


On the morning of the 28th, my father passed on to the next life. He was afflicted with scirrhous carcinoma and Sjogren’s Syndrome. Even after being told he only had six months to live, he went through a complete gastrectomy and continued his work as an author up until just a few days ago. But just before he made it to the six months that he was supposed to survive, he suffered a sudden exacerbation of his interstitial pneumonia. He passed away in peace at the hospice.

He was 71 years old.

Even at the verge of death, my father constantly cracked jokes.

Let’s all pray to almighty Allah that his father finds peace in the next world, from the love that his family and those close to him has given him and continues to give him.

Mujaki no Paradise 25

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Konomi-chan is mai waifu, fuck all the haters.



Mujaki no Seriously, Where The Fuck Are My Lolis 24

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Not that I don’t respect the sainted Uran-sensei, but seriously why in fuck’s name would he do this chapter? Is he TRYING to lose readership?



And also we bundled past chapters into volumes, just because.

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL


Live Action Movie Greenlit!

From Uran-sensei’s blog:


Live Action Movie Greenlit!

Even though we have officially started taking orders on the limited edition sixth volume of Mujaki no Rakuen bundled with the original anime DVD, this fall Mujaki no Rakuen will get its own LIVE ACTION MOVIE!


All the actors will be 18 and over, but we’ll be hiring very short and petite actresses who will conform to the characters’ physical likenesses.


Also, in order for the production to remain faithful to manga, we expect that this film will be rated R-18.


I will give you continuous false alarms as more details come in.

Mujaki no Where Are My Lolis? 23

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Continuing with the good tidings all around, here’s a new chapter for those who are tired of seeing little girls do lewd things, of course courtesy of the hardworking imnotamused and Hinokai.



This Had Better Be True



Animated OAV with limited edition sixth volume of the manga??? And the director did a bunch of hentai shit including the glorious Stringendo series?????

If true, there truly is a god TT__TT


If not, it’s one truly sick April Fools joke orz


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