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Sticky: Volumes RARs

By popular request:

Mujaki no Rakuen:

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL

Vol 4 DDL

Vol 5 DDL

Tokyo DTED

Vol 1 DDL

[Uran] Shy Girl


Hi kids! We’ve decided to finally make the leap from doing borderline loli hentai to doing actual, full-blown, pound-me-in-the-ass, vanilla incest loli hentai. And it was all made possible by the good folks at Scantastic who scanned and edited the original high-quality raws and allowed us to use them. This is a book released by Uran back during the Summer Comiket of 2013, and it features a girl who appears to be a cross between Rio and Sayo, so prepare your bodies.




Umareru Kachi 06


Sorry, this was the best screenshot I could get from this chapter since all the other possible screenshots were too spoilery.



Mujaki no Puppy Dog 36


…thing for you, including these things, and those things…

Ahem. Okay, new feature-length chapter for you Mujaki fans. Happy reading!



Tokyo DTED Volume One


Doesn’t this face make you want to take a picture, frame it, put it on a bedstand, look at it, then punch the glass into bloody shards?

So I guess you are all wondering why you haven’t been seeing individual chapters of this manga released on this website.

The answer is simple: no lolis.

This is a scanlation group that prides itself on doing series featuring underaged girls getting into sexual situations, series that will never be hosted on mainstream manga readers dependant on Christian googlebucks and series that will never see the light of day on this side of the Pacific, on that side of the Atlantic, Down Under, or anywhere else in the globe where people are under the mistaken belief that drawings of little children have human rights that must be protected.

The fact that we are also doing a series about a literally limpdicked MC who spends the entire story having a bitch fit over how he lost out on giving Worst Girl the D when he had the chance is both a black eye and an embarrassment to this fine organization. I was mistakenly led to believe that this would be another loli manga based on the first couple of pages; however, this series proves once again that lolis are truly master race—backstabbing and manipulative grown females have nothing on them.

This is also somewhat of an experimental series since it is the first one I self-scanned. This volume contains the kakioroshi at the end featuring Yoko Kotani (a woman, natch) introducing us to the maaagical place called a girls bar. Additionally, this volume contains some pages that are revised from the ones that are currently floating out there on the interwebs, especially those where I cleaned up the local dialect that Tetsuo and company speak when they are in Kochi. Apparently the “slang” was too much for the non-English speaking plebs, so they had to be changed to accommodate them. Just to show how much of a favor I did for you people, here are some videos I used as a reference for the dialect I was trying to emulate. Believe you me, you dodged a bullet.



Umareru Kachi 05


He’ll even turn you into a magical girl.

Well it’s official: this is the second general circulation manga this group has done featuring underaged characters in sexual situations that has been banned by Batoto. That also means it’ll likely be banned or ignored by other online readers. Luckily we talked to the guys over at Dynasty Scans and it appears they’re open to hosting this manga in their reader, so stay tooned.


Dynasty Scans has posted all the chapters on their site. Be sure to thank them for being bros.



Mujaki no Yabuki 35


New volume, new chapter, and new loli, kiddies! And this one appears to possess the god-like stumbling and stripping ability that rivals Yuuki Rito. Guess which of these two will get a “Kyaa! Ecchi!” and obligatory slap at the end.




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