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Sticky: Volumes 1-4

By popular request:

Vol 1 DDL

Vol 2 DDL

Vol 3 DDL

Vol 4 DDL

Mujaki no Just a Dream


Now that we all know how the manga is going to end, there’s really no need to scanlate the rest of the chapters, amirite?



Mujaki no Staatspolizei Jungrori 28


Here we are in the start of the fifth volume, and thus the first of the Rio arc. Find out how Shouta fucks up this opportunity of a lifetime.

Also, this is coming out in celebration of the just-released sixth volume of the manga and the animated OAD that was bundled with it. Hope your dicks are ready. (Also, no, we will not be subbing the OAD because we’re not a fansub group.)



Mujaki no BDSM – Extra Chapter


And with this, we are done with the 4th volume. We’ll be using our own raws for the fifth volume because the public raws are shit.

And also to dispel some mushbrained rumors that’s been floating around recently, this project is NOT dropped. Even if a yuri-focused fansub group decides they are not put off by borderline loli hentai and decides to scanlate this manga for cash, we’ll still do our version the way it’s meant to be done.




Volume 4 DDL

Volume 4 Torrent

Mujaki no Innocence 36.5


More Nako action for all you filthy pervs. This time around, this chapter appeared in a special issue of Young Animal called Young Animal Innocent which hit the newsstands back in March. Because of the oh-so-innocent nature of this story, this is probably the only chapter that contains no swear words. Since it was released after Chapter 36 and before the glorious, glorious dickdiamonds inducing chapter that was 37, we gave it the unofficial name of “Chapter 36.5″. So enjoy it while it lasts, Nako fans, because there will be a virtual dry spell of her delicious zettai ryouiki for the next two volumes. The only other Nako chapter coming your way is a feature-length chapter in the middle of Volume 5.

DDL link

Torrent link

Origin of the Name “Mankitsu”

While we’re ironing out a few kinks in the new chapter, I might as well take the opportunity to tell you all how this group came upon the name “Mankitsu.”

Our intrepid typesetter F1ber originally suggested we go with the name “Mangetsu,” which would mean “full moon.” However, since we were going to do a borderline-hentai loli manga, it reminded me of another word “Mankitsu,” of which I shared with F1ber who immediately agreed to the name. The name is perfect since if any suspected concern troll asks what the name means, we can just tell them the official dictionary definition of the word (満喫), which is “full enjoyment.” However, the term “mankitsu” (まんきつ) actually comes from a single page of the glorious 42nd chapter of the legendary loli manga Kodomo no Jikan (the same chapter where Rin learns how to masturbate).

[SaHa] Kodomo no Jikan Ch.42 - 05

As always, click to embiggen. I always get a kick out of the men in the background getting dicksore over hearing little schoolgirls saying “tight pussies.” The orignal seiyuus of the  Kodomo no Jikan anime also did us fans a favor by acting out the scene in an audio drama, so go check it out.

So there you have it, the very name of this scanlation team is about as dirty and just as likely to put someone on the sex-offender registry list like the manga itself, so enjoy that little nugget of information if you will.

Mujaki no Pedophile 27


The long wait is over (thanks to one of our typesetters going missing and the other typesetter suffering a failure in his external HD), so here’s some long-awaited Nako action.



Update: Apparently there’s a bug with Mediafire where some people can download from the link just fine while others can’t. So I’ve replaced the DDL link.

And also some important announcement from Uran-sensei below the fold:

Read more…


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